I remember when the Goderich Little Theatre and Duncan McGregor staged my play, about John Galt, called The Tiger's Lion. Days and hours before the play was to take place I began to wonder if my wild vision of a magic spell gone wrong at Tiger Dunlop's Tomb and a bizarre kind of purgatory that was part jail and part Scottish pub, a place where architects of Canadian development and the greatest writers in the English language congregated together, would actually make any sense to the theatre public. Thanks to the talents of Duncan and Greg Reynolds and a devoted team of creative people the story somehow worked on stage, and people laughed, and it sold out the theatre on several occasions. I have the same feeling now that I felt before the staging of that play. I have a fantastic story to tell, and I think it is a story worth telling, but until people begin to read it I don't know if it is something that will resonate with an audience greater than one. I hope so. I'm a little scared. Sometimes that's a good thing.


12/11/2012 7:38pm

I am just totally humbled by the friendship and generosity of the acting, directing, and writing talents who are taking time out of their busy lives to read at Monday's public reading. Thank you, all! I hope the writing is of a quality that rewards your faith in me.


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09/18/2016 10:26pm

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    Tim Cumming is a professional communicator and former journalist and teacher. He has taught in Canada and Mexico. He is author of The Tiger's Lion, a play about Scottish novelist John Galt. His articles and columns have appeared in The Globe and Mail, The London Free Press, The Record, and The News and The Mexico City Times in Mexico City.